Healthy Habits: Let's Stay Motivated

Healthy Habits: Let's Stay Motivated

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with One Step” - Lao Tzu

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you set yourself lots of new goals at the beginning of the year!

Oftentimes, when we set long-term goals, we forget that there is a journey ahead and a number of different obstacles that we will encounter along the way before we finally reach our end goals. Below there are a number of different things that may help you to stay on top of your New Year's resolutions and long-term goals.

Firstly, try to incorporate your overall goal into your daily routine. Whether your goal is to increase the number of push-ups you do each day, drinking more water or getting outside for a daily walk, try to make it part of your daily routine. For example, why not walk to the local coffee shop to grab a coffee at lunch time? Although it may seem small in the beginning you can, overtime, push yourself to go for a half an hour walk and then treat yourself to a coffee at the end!

Overcome barriers

The key to staying on top of your resolutions/goals is to plan ahead. Simple tasks like leaving out your gym gear the night before an early morning workout will make it easier to jump out of bed in the morning. Even leaving your car keys and runners by the door instead of having to search for them in the dark will increase your chances of actually going and smashing your workout.

Reward yourself

It's important to continually celebrate the small wins along your journey to reaching your overall goal. Rewards don't always have to be big extravagant things, they can also be simple things like a bottle of VITHIT after a tough workout or a cup of coffee with a friend after a week of ticking off your goals.

Hold yourself accountable

It is far easier to do that workout or get out for that run if someone else is also included in your plan. Buddying up can really help to keep you motivated and ensure that you actually go out and do that workout you said you would do. It is much more difficult to let someone down. It is also a great way to keep you motivated and push yourself. Having someone to share your success with will help to keep you on track and more likely to reach that end goal. 

Track your progress

Keeping a record of your progress whether it is progress photos, journal entries or a calendar that you tick off each time you take steps towards achieving your goals will help to keep you motivated. It is easy to become overwhelmed with one big task ahead. By keeping track of your progress it will allow you to not only visualise in a realistic manner but also it will help you to reflect on your progress and how far you have come! 

We hope this guide and tips will help you in your endeavours to reach all of your goals in 2022!

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