VITHIT Subscribe & Save

VITHIT Subscribe & Save

VITHIT is proud to announce that we have enabled a Subscription System so that you can have your favourite drinks delivered to your home 14/21/28/48 days.

All of our drinks are available so you’ll never run out of delicious VITHIT. You will even get a discount for subscribing! To cap it all off, subscription purchases will allow you to earn VITS which is part of our new VITHIT Rewards Programme to reward loyal customers. You can find out more information here.

Subscription Process

Just normally browse through our shop and select your favourite VITHIT drink.

  Click on the product detail page so that you visit that particular product.  

Then, when purchasing, instead of clicking on the 1-time purchase box, select the Subscribe & Save 15% option before clicking the ADD TO CART button. 

A Cart drawer will immediately appear. If you wish to resume your buying just click on the cart button or out of it and add the remaining items. If you want to proceed you will see the following;


To confirm that the Drinks you have selected are delivered to you on a on-going basis, there needs to be a note below the product name that states “Delivery every 14/21/28/48 Days” if this message is not displayed, then, you’re making a once off purchase. On this step you can also select the desired quantity of each item with ease.

So that there’s no ambiguity, here’s an example on an order that has both a once off purchase and a subscription;

As you can see, when you subscribe, an automatic 15% discount applies to reward your loyalty and enthusiasm towards VITHIT.

The next step is effectively making the purchase. Just before you make a purchase, you can see the summary of your order and apply any discount codes*;

*The discount codes will only apply to the once of ordered products for obvious reasons, as if it applied to subscriptions, the discount would effectively multiply itself for several times. 

It’s that simple.

If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to check our FAQ page or drop us an email: 

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