VITHIT Rewards Programme

VITHIT Rewards Programme

There’s nothing we love more than to know we’re helping more people improve their lifestyle and health.

To reward those who want to pursue healthier choices, VITHIT is happy to announce a new Rewards Programme that allows you to collect points (Vits).  You can collect your Vits in a variety of different ways, such as liking and sharing our social media pages, referring VITHIT to a friend, etc. Then you can redeem your Vits into discount coupons, merchandise (coming soon) and other exclusive awards

Earning Vits 

Currently you can earn Vits in the following ways;

  • Sign up to the Rewards Programme - 300 Vits
  • Celebrating a Birthday - 1000 Vits
  • Liking our Facebook Page - 100 Vits
  • Sharing a FB link - 100 Vits
  • Following us on Instagram - 100 Vits
  • 5 Vits per each €/£ spent

All of these Vits are stackable, so to give an example;
If you make an order of 4 cases of VITHIT drinks in our UK Store this would translate into: £18.99 x 4 Cases x 5 Vits which equates to ~380 Vits. If it's your first order, by signing up to the Rewards programme you Receive 300 Vits. Therefore you start with roughly 680 Vits. 

How can you redeem Vits?

Currently you can redeem your Vits in the following manner;


  • 500 Vits = £3 Coupon
  • 500 Vits = Free Shipping
  • 1000 Vits = £5 Coupon
  • 2000 Vits = £12.5 Coupon
  • 3000 Vits = £30 Coupon
  • 5000 Vits = £60 Coupon


  • 500 Vits = €3 Coupon
  • 500 Vits = Free Shipping Coupon
  • 1000 Vits = €5 Coupon
  • 1000 Vits = Free Tote Bag Coupon
  • 1500 Vits = Free Beanie Coupon
  • 1500 Vits = 10% Off Coupon
  • 1900 Vits = Free Single Flavour 12x500ml Coupon
  • 2000 Vits = Free Bottle or Can Bundle Coupon
  • 4000 Vits = Free Effervescent Bundle Coupon


Using the above example, after 1 purchase only you can already, if you wish, redeem a £1.99 Coupon to use on your next purchase of your favourite VITHIT Drinks.

Referral Programme

If you think you have a friend that might enjoy VITHIT or wants to become more healthy, invite him to join our programme and drink VITHIT. If they create an account using your unique referral link he will earn £5 Discount and you earn a £5 Discount after your friend makes their first purchase. You can invite as many friends as you wish.

We are currently working on bringing more rewards such as merchandise and exclusive rewards. If you have any questions or doubts regarding this program please, just drop us a line by email to:

Important Information:

All the coupons and rewards are non stackable and they can only be redeemed for an order basket of equal or higher value.

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